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Bulleigh Barton Manor History.

Since moving here we have very much enjoyed researching the history of Bulleigh Barton Manor but there is still much to find out!

There was a house recorded on this site in the Doomsday book. It is thought that the current building, which was originally a farm house, dates back to the 1400s and was part of the Compton Castle Estate. Some documents we were given when we bought the house claim that the house was sold by the Estate in 1688 to pay off civil war debts.

It was bought by Thomas Brooking, son of the Mayor of Totnes, who was a wealthy merchant. It is said that Thomas moved to the clean air of Bulleigh Barton to escape the plague which was raging in Totnes. The house stayed in the Brooking family for 200 years and has been visited by some of Thomas Brooking’s descendants in recent times.

Bulleigh Barton Manor
Bed and Breakfast View

The Hamlyn brothers, who were wool merchants, bought the house in 1860 and we believe were responsible for the more recent additions of the drawing room, our bedroom suite and the kitchen.

The house originally owned about 400 acres of land and census forms across the centuries show that it employed a small team of resident workers to look after the house and land. Even as recently as the 1950s Bulleigh Barton was one of the largest farms in the area.

Now most of the land is owned by the more recently built Bulleigh Barton Farm and the extensive barns have been converted into stylish homes.

We feel privileged to live in a house with so much history and hope that you will enjoy sharing it with us.

Bulleigh Barton Manor pond